Thursday, August 30, 2012

Post Storm

I started preparing for Isaac fairly early. I've learned with these storms to prepare for the worse, and I ended up bringing everything that could move into the shed, and all the rabbits were brought inside.

It looked so creepy not having any rabbits in their cages, and everything really bare. Over all, not a lot of rain. I was surprised. The wind was crazy, and there were a few tornado warnings (my main fear with tropical storms and hurricanes). We were lucky with this one, and it was completely mild compare to the straight week of rain we had when Debbie hit at the end of June. Hopefully no more storms! We still have until the end of November to worry about, that's when the season ends.

My main worry was for New Orleans. The storm was moving at a whopping 6mph yesterday, wind speeds peaked at 80 mph (85 is a category 2), the levees held up but were not enough. The storm surges toppled over them, and they got more rain from Isaac than they did Katrina. On top of all that, yesterday was the 7th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Good luck to those who are in the path still. Hurricanes are no joke.

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